Aug 11, 2010

design*crush: caldwell-flake interiors

in the last few months, i have seen a few
fabulous rooms on several different blogs that
literally took my breath away.
so, i decided to do a little "research"
on the geniuses behind those rooms, 
and i found:
(aren't they both stunning?)
a mother daughter dream duo
(Mary Ruth Caldwell and 
Lisa Caldwell Flake)
based in birmingham alabama.
(this verifies my husbands belief
that all things from alabama RULE.
i'll have to agree with him in this case.)
check out some of their work:
this room is perfection.
i love the burst of color that is introduced 
in a bold cut velvet. love that dark ceiling too!
this room strikes a wonderful balance
between graphic and traditional,
monochomatic and colorful,
 elegance and chic.
check out the ceiling detail and the back of that banquette!
another beautiful grey kitchen.
yes! to: over scaled lamps, unique sunburst mirror,
patterned drapes and sumptuous suzani pillows! 

yummy metallics really add some drama to this  bedroom.
LOVE the pops of citrine/grellow!
this room is absolutely gorgeous.
gor. geous.
notice the houndstooth on the bench?
i wonder if the homeowner is a crimson tide fan?
beautiful symmetry.
the bold wallpaper really makes a statement on the ceiling!
i love the large lamps, the back of the bookshelves painted dark,
and the trim on the bottom of the matching sofas.
this room has a masterful stroke of texture.
again, a subtle and sophisticated use of color that
i find so appealing...

that metallic wallpaper is beautiful balanced against the
marble...and check out the gothic detail on the cabinet fronts!
what a gorgeous portfolio!

you can see more photos at caldwell


  1. I LOVE the wallpaper on the ceiling. Each room is stunning.

  2. WOW WEE! where did you find these ladies? I thought everything was gorgeous until I got to the suzani room.....I think I died and went to decor-heaven! I need to track down that cut velvet suzani fabric on those pillows and build me a house out of that!!!! thanks for the pictures...again!!!

  3. these ladies are quite talented! so pretty to look at all of their creations.

  4. I have seen some of these rooms in the past months as well but never put together that they were all done by the same team - and that the team is a mother and daughter team. I love it. So many great combinations. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree, these rooms are stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I completely see what you are talking about...absolutely stunning. I need to spend some time studying these images and learn from them. That one ceiling detail is amazing. Janell

  7. I cannot find a single thing that I do not adore in these rooms. Wonderful style. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  8. Oooh so pretty. I love to see other designers who use round sphere glass balls. I am obsessed for some reason.

  9. Love this home...gorgeous design through and through.

    p.s. I lived in Ohio too growing up and am now in SLC. What part are you from? I lived outside Akron...

  10. WOW! thanks for sharing--their work is STUNNING!

  11. WOW! I'm just a bit behind on reading blogs, but so glad I didn't miss this one. The wallpaper on the ceilings is such a great choice. The media room is a little odd for me function-wise, but design-wise love it. The architectural salvage sconces are CLEVER and gorgeous. Best room for me- the one with the Suzani pillows on the sofa. Swoon! Thanks for sharing!
    Debbie at in Dayton Ohio.

  12. much talent....I am humbled!