Aug 12, 2010

tara's kids rooms

when my friend tara lived near me in knoxville,
i helped her to pull together her kids rooms.
sadly, tara moved to washington 
before we got to 
totally finish, 
but we did get a great start.
(these pictures were never meant to be seen on a blog, but 
i thought you might want to take a peek anyway...)
things to notice:
the blue and white ticking on the roman shades
accenting with a wider stripe on the bottom,
the fun retro firehouse fabric on the duvet,
accented with welting in the same wider stripe,
the  vintage car embroideries on the wall.

after this picture was taken, we had wood valance boxes made 
for the window that we painted black, 
and added some pillows to the bed.

things to notice:
the red four poster crib,
toile with red accent bedding
the gold vintage mirror,
the fun eiffel tower lamp, ikea chandelier,
 polka dot sheers, and the striped walls.
(later, after this picture, we added toile 
curtain panels to the window)

things to notice:
simple sheers accented in pom pom fringe

we had a LOT more planned for these rooms, 
but sometimes life 
(as in "husband gets a job on the other side of the country") 
gets in the way of decorating!
(darn it!)
hopefully, i will get to see tara again in october, 
when i have my first ever, official girls weekend in vegas!


  1. Let me explain... I am the first of six children. Six children means lots of clothes, lots of laundry, lots of tooth brushes, lots of hair brushes... lots of everything.

    kids bedding

  2. I love the sister's room. I am now working on a large bedroom for my three little girls and have a similar lay-out. I want to do canopies for each of them and was wondering what you used to attach the sheers to the wall above the beds? Did you then hang a small chandilier above each bed? Thanks for any extra information. Love it!

  3. what is it with me and pom pom fringes lately? i'm so drawn to them. i swear i can't get enough...