Aug 26, 2010

kitchen built-ins

more kitchen built-ins, as promised.
i really love this one.
the arch top adds elegance, and
i love the wide drawers and open shelves.
this is a great idea...a beautiful spot
for all those cookbooks! and i love the color that
is brought in with the collection 
of pottery on the tope shelf.
and i'm not gonna lie---i am also in love with 
that checkerboard floor!
this built-in gets a casual, country chic vibe 
thanks to the chicken wire.

the leaded glass is super
classy and keeps dust out of this china cupboard.
i really liked the function of this built-in...
cookbooks and a place for stereo components!
who doesn't love to listen to music while in the kitchen?
oh, and can you imagine having THAT much fridge/freezer space?
i am officially jealous.
the interior of these simple, open shelves 
gets a boost from the soft butter yellow
they are painted.
love this one.
i love the idea that the food is so easy to see and grab.
and that's a,lot of storage in what appears to
be a rather shallow space.
who wouldn't love having a pantry with this much storage?
isn't this built-in desk area fun?
i thought the awning over the chalkboard 
was a really fun addition!
if i had a dog
i would love to have a built-in like this!
and this one is just great!
a built-in made just for the paper towels 
(that we all use a gazillion times a day).


  1. I could really use the built-ins for the cookbooks. A plastic storage box is just not as chic.

  2. I love the use of built-ins in a kitchen. It gives it a more living room feel.