Aug 4, 2010

all buttoned up

i spotted this duralee trim--called 
"button tape" 
at my local fabric supply house and
immediately started dreaming about where i could put it.

the possibilities are endless...
the leading edge of some curtain panels?
on a bedskirt?
an ottoman?
i'm giddy just thinking about it...

however, at nearly $60 a yard (retail)
i am trying to figure out if i can make it myself...
i know i can buy some shell buttons in bulk on ebay 
rather inexpensively, but i am having trouble locating
some simple, striped twill or grosgrain 
ribbon with a similar look.
any ideas?


  1. Whoa! $60.00! I have no doubt that you can come up with a lower priced alternative! I can see why you have your eye on it though! Please post if you come up with a solution!!

  2. I am constantly amazed at trim prices...I just must be at my core a very thrifty person. You can most certainly make your own, what a great idea! Jnaell

  3. This is exactly what I was planning to do on the bedskirts in my guest room. I think it can be done much less expensive. It would be a bit labor intensive to sew on the button, but better than spending $60/yard.

  4. Geez. That much for trim? It is fabulous, huh?!

  5. Trim is the jewelry of the design. Just like accessories, there's costume and there's the real deal.